Newly digitised Tilman voyage film at the BFI

Over the past few days, a number of videos have appeared online at the British Film Institute web site.  It appears that these are digitised versions of original 16mm celluloid reels which have been in the Royal Geographical Society archives.

Of particular interest to me is the surprise appearance of the film shot on the 1971 voyage to east Greenland, the second of two trips which I made with the Skipper.  This particular film disappeared from the radar for some years having been sent back to the editor for further work and not returned.  According to Chris Bonnington’s scripted introduction to John Mead’s 1981 TV documentary, the film turned up ‘in the attic of a house in British Columbia’.  While a few brief but identifiable clips of it were included in John’s film, until this week I’ve never seen the full footage.

Links to all four sets of film are included below, seven clips in all including three sets of ‘deleted scenes’.  To view each clip, please select the image and the BFI Player will open in a new browser tab.  Look for the green ‘Watch for free’ button and click to start.

I am indebted to Martin ‘Noddy’ Wareham (Mischief 1964 and 1965) for alerting me to the fact that these digitised films are now available.


1961 ‘Mischief’ voyage to Upernavik H.W.Tilman with David Hodge, Terry Ward, Charles Marriott, Michael Taylor-Jones, John Wayman J.B. Boyce


1961 ‘Mischief’ in Greenland – deleted scenes


1964 ‘Mischief’ voyage to East Greenland. H.W.Tilman with Roger Coward, Charles Marriott, Charles Sewell, Martin Wareham, Bob Cook


1966 ‘Mischief’ voyage to the South Atlantic. H.W.Tilman with Tom O’Shaunessy, Mike Edwards, David Shaw, Roger Robinson, John Ireland, Carreo Javiel, Herbert Bittner, Louis ?, Robin ?, Sergio ?, Roberto ?


1966 ‘Mischief’ voyage – deleted scenes


1971 ‘Sea Breeze’ voyage to East Greenland. H.W.Tilman with Bob Comlay, Max Smart, Jim Collins, Marius Dakin, Peter Marsh


1971 ‘Sea Breeze’ voyage to East Greenland – deleted scenes. Mainly footage showing Sea Breeze under jury rig in mid-Atlantic while we repaired the broken gaff.



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