The 2018 diary is starting to fill up…

From Poole to the Peak District, from Limehouse Basin to Liverpool, the 2018 ‘Travels with Tilman’ talk diary looks full even before 2017 comes to a close.  A few more opportunities to enjoy selected extracts from some of the finest travel books of the twentieth century, illustrated by numerous unpublished photographs and letters and interspersed with a few myth-busting anecdotes.

After a significant amount of effort from our friends at Lodestar Books and Vertebrate Publishing, the Tilman ‘Collected Edition’ is now complete so if you’ve fourteen inches of bookshelf space to spare, why not buy the set as a New Year gift to yourself?

As Roger Taylor notes in his new foreword to ‘Mostly Mischief’,

“Reading Tilman is a continuous work-in-progress, rather like painting the Forth Bridge. Finish the last page and you’re just about ready to start all over again. Throw in too the seven pure mountaineering books and you have several life-times worth of undiminished reading pleasure. Tilman’s books are the nearest I get to having a permanent bedside companion. They’re never far away. Sometimes I read them cover to cover, other times I browse and dip. Tilman is endlessly fascinating and infuriating too. His adventures serve as both inspiration and warning. He is a guiding light and a hero, yet riddled with flaws and contradictions.”

So there you have it.  If you need any other justification, come along to one of the 2018 dates and catch the bug yourself.  If the dates don’t work for you, but you’re part of a community interested in hosting a talk, drop me a line via the Contact Form and let’s talk.  The diary might look full, but I might still be able to squeeze a few more dates in.



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