A treat for the discerning reader of fine travel literature

Our favourite niche nautical publisher, Lodestar Books, has a terrific offer on the complete new Tilman Edition.  At 30% off the cover price, the offer gives you the full set of fifteen books by H.W. ‘Bill’ Tilman plus a reprint of the original Tilman Biography, ‘High Mountains and Cold Seas’ by J.R.L. Anderson.  All of these new editions have new forewords, and in many cases afterwords, by the great and the good of the climbing and sailing worlds along with contributions from former crew-members.

Led by Sir Robin Knox-Johnston and Sir Chris Bonington, this collection of writers adds a new dimension to the Tilman Edition, making it a collection well worth including on your shelves, particularly with the wonderful new cover artwork by Jane Beagley of Vertebrate Graphics.  In addition to this, if you order the set from Lodestar, you’ll receive a free gift of Philip Temple’s ‘The Sea and the Snow‘, the perfect partner to Tilman’s ‘Mostly Mischief’.

As Roger D Taylor writes in his foreword to ‘Mostly Mischief’:

“I’ve just finished reading H. W. Tilman’s eight sailing and mountaineering books for…I don’t know…maybe the twentieth time. Reading Tilman is a continuous work-in-progress, rather like painting the Forth Bridge. Finish the last page and you’re just about ready to start all over again. Throw in too the seven pure mountaineering books and you have several life-times worth of undiminished reading pleasure. Tilman’s books are the nearest I get to having a permanent bedside companion. They’re never far away. Sometimes I read them cover to cover, other times I browse and dip. Tilman is endlessly fascinating and infuriating too. His adventures serve as both inspiration and warning. He is a guiding light and a hero, yet riddled with flaws and contradictions.”

Order now from Lodestar Books using the link on the first line of this blog entry to receive the first 10 volumes in time for Christmas.  The 6 volumes which will complete the edition will arrive in pairs, in January, March and June.

Happy Christmas!


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